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design and fabrication wiped film evaporator

The Wiped Film Evaporators are designed and manufactured according to most major worldwide pressure vessel codes. Adhering to strict rolling tolerances and a polished inner shell surface ensures excellent wiper blade performance and maximum heat transfer, leading to an optimized evaporation rate and separation. The jackets are also specially designed to maximize heat transfer.

Drive Units

The robust drive and large diameter drive shafts allow the rotor to be an over-hung design, which requires no bottom bearing. This design enables our SPEto be supplied with an internal condenser which provides true short-path distillation and, therefore, minimized pressure drops and lower cost. Furthermore, while our durable shaft seal offers many years of service life, when it does require maintenance, the drive is designed for easy mechanical seal replacement without the need to remove the drive or rotor.

Entrainment Separators

The entrainment separators prevent entrainment of liquid in the vapor phase, which is critical for product purity and yield. We offer a range of different types of entrainment separators, depending on the process parameters required, such as vacuum level and evaporation rate. All of our entrainment separator designs provide for a high vapor flow rate even at low prs drop and vacuum levels down to 0.001 Torr.

Internal Condensers

The internal condensers in allow for true short path evaporation (molecular distillation) to improve separation. Our internal condensers are designed to minimize pressure drop which allows for lower operating pressures and, therefore, lower operating temperatures. With an internal condenser, project costs are reduced, as it eliminates the need for large diameter vac piping and all associated piping, installation, supports, and insulation costs.

Wiper Blades

Our uniquely designed wiper evaporator pump and agitate the feed material down the heated wall of the WFE with the typical length of residence time measured in seconds. In addition to this, the thin film produced by the blades greatly improves heat transfer and evaporation rate. We offer several blade designs and materials of construction, depending on the operating conditions, such as temperature and viscosity.

Wiped Film Evaporator Systems

Enviroflex Systems engineers design and supply thus evaporator part of a complete system. For optimal performance, they will address all design aspects, from utility flow requirements to complete vacuum system integration. Our focus is on providing the most efficient and reliable overall system to achieve optimal performance from your TF Evap

More about Wiped Film Evaporator Systems

Unique AT F evapDesign Advantages

Slotted Wiper Blades
Unique wiper blade designs effectively spread the material in a thin film on the wall for better heat transfer. Blades move the product down the heated wall in matter of seconds to minimize residence time.

Low Rotor Speed
High rotor speeds are not necessary with E. The high heat transfer coefficient, provided by the thin film Edesign, requires lower rotor speeds, which greatly extends the service life of the wiper blades, mechanical seal and drive bearing.

rotor of WFE

No Bottom Steady Bearing
Unlike a typical fixed clearance evaporator design, the short path E rotor is supported entirely from the top drive and bearing assembly, all mounted to the TFE top cover and main shell flange. This is accomplished by means of our robust overhung design. With no bottom steady bearing, no flux oil is required, which is critical when non-volatiles are the product.

Low Horsepower Requirements
The low rotor speed significantly reduces horsepower requirements. This provides a significant savings in use, especially when compared to the same size fixed clearance evaporator.

Expandable WFE Sizes
For some models, additional thermal sections can be installed above the original thermal section at your plant site to provide increased capacity for existing Aggitated thin film evaporator s. Easy Rotor Removal Any size ATFE rotor can be removed and reinstalled in 30 minutes or less. Simply disconnect the motor leads, feed line, and bolts, then lift the rotor out of the shell as one complete assembly. This allows for quick, easy, inspection, maintenance, and cleaning.

internal condenser

Internal Condenser

Our design with no bottom steady bearing allows for the installation of an internal condenser. ATFE with internal condensers minimize pressure drop compared to external condensers, allowing for high-vacuum operation. The high vacuum, and the proximity of the condenser surface area to the heated wall, provides better separations and ensures complete condensation and sub-cooling.

Efficient Entrainment Separators
Specially designed, full-length entrainment separators for standard and high-vacuum operation effectively remove entrained droplets from the vapor stream and improve the purity of the distillate product.

High-Vacuum Operation
The high-vacuum design of our WFE can operate with vacuums as low as one micron (.001 torr). Operating at deep vacuum lowers operating temperatures and prevents thermal degradation.

Bottoms Outlet
For viscous materials with high melting points, the TFE bottom head can be heated, and extruder blades can be utilized to mechanically aid in discharging heavy material.

Low Maintenance
Depending on the application, we recommend only one shutdown per year for 1-2 days for inspection and maintenance. Mechanical seals typically last for many years. There is no bottom bearing and thus no costly maintenance.

Our Drives
Our unique WFE drive assembly enables our customers to easily access the mechanical seal for replacement without having to remove the complete rotor assembly, minimizing down time and extra costs associated with overhead cranes.

wiped film evaporator system