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Whether you are working in the Research and Development field, with analytical instruments, or otherwise – you need a vacuum system that ensures safe operation, is highly reliable and built-for-purpose to meet your operating requirements.    

And that’s where we can help.

Our team of experts at Enviroflex have experience in the design, modelling and specification of vacuum systems for used oil re-refining plant and will provide you with tailored recommendations for your system and equipment specification.

For all applications, we can support you to develop a highly reliable, robust, and practical vacuum solution and method of operation designed for your unique used oil re-refining system and project needs.

Just tell us your system details and requirements – chamber dimensions, fore-lines, desired pressure, construction material, application, processes and other relevant details – and we’ll do the rest. 

Fill in the form below for a no-obligation consultation with one of our vacuum experts.

Don’t settle for less. Take your project to the next level with our world-class vacuum system design support.

How should to find suitable vacuum pump for our process?

  • What are the dimensions of your system? (e.g. wiped film evaporator fore-lines sizes)
  • What is the desired vacuum?
  • In what time should the pressure be achieved?
  • What materials of construction is the system made?
  • volume gases are to be pumped?
  • Are there any hazardous substances?
  • Do you have a preference for types/models of pumps?
  • Can you provide any more details of your system? (e.g. internal fixtures, type of seals, compliance requirements, leak-rate, its duty and cycle time etc.)
  • Application
  • distance between wiped film evaporator and vacuum pumps package?
  • what’s is type of gaskets used for flanges and what type of o-rings used for?
  • combination of your vacuum pumps as package
  • your vacuum package should equipped with cold trap (cooling media: LN2 or dry ice)
  • what type of chiller most be used?
rotary vane vacuum pump +roots booster vacuum pump
Edwards vacuum pumps package

Edwards vacuum pumps

Chemical and Food Processing Edwards

Chemical pumping solutions you can rely on

As a chemical processor, you face increasingly challenging demands around environmental performance and cost-efficiency. Your vacuum pumping systems need to handle organic solvents and compounds in a reliable and safe way while ensuring control and reduction of environmental pollution and a lower cost of ownership.     

Meeting your needs for higher quality

Edwards vacuum systems can play a significant role in helping you to drive up product quality and cost-effectiveness with new levels of reliability, flexibility and profitability. ‘Plug and play’ systems with minimum setup or configurable options to suit specific chemical processes are an important factor in fine-tuning performance and keeping your cost of ownership down.  

Chemical process experience at your service

With a knowledge base of over 100 years and thousands of vacuum systems installed in chemical processing worldwide, you can rely on our experienced team to help you specify a stand-alone vacuum pump or customised vacuum system for your chemical process application.Vacuum in the Chemical Process Industries

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