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80% base oil recovery

used oil rerefining plant

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80% base oil recovery

used oil rerefining plant

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High Quality groupe I plus base oil

97% valuable products

80% base oil
8% bitumen
8% fuels

Green technology

Used oil rerefining

7200 Hours per yerar

Stay connected as long as you want with rapid charge and activity control

52 days maintance Time

maintance time is one day (end day of each weeks)

200 usd income per 1Ton of feed

20 cents net profit for each ton of feed

3000 kwh electricity power required for 50 Tons per day plant


10 M3 water required

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97% valuable products

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80% base oil recovery


groupe II base oil
production whitout hydrotreating

groupe I+ & II base oil production from used engine oil



wiped film evaporator
solvent extraction
polishing lube oil system

300 usd profibility for each ton feed

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